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Does anyone remember when articles used to get proof read ?
Yes, I know I fall down on that too, but I make no claims to be a professional.
Working on this website, sometimes it seems like I get things coming at me from all directions, then sometimes there is a lull and I get bored.
At one time I would then start a new project of some kind, but that just added to the problem when I got swamped.
Recently I have been reading stories on reedsy.com
I know that if something is free you shouldn't really complain about the quality, but some of the stories are so irritating.
People try to write "Science Fiction" stories and make it totally clear they know nothing about science.
Not only that, but these aspiring writers often get 2 or 3 letter words wrong ! Admittedly though the results can be amusing.

To kill some time and and vent some feeling, I decided to put some phrases together clarifying some differences
between commonly confused words, usually homophones. Who knows, perhaps it will improve things :

A, B, C

He was totally bare when the bear chased him from the tent.
They were all bored with that board game.
Be careful you don't break the brake.
but by then it was time to buy a last drink and say bye bye.
Her coarse language was par for the course.
The creak of the boat seemed very loud paddling up the creek.

D, E, F

My dear wife loved the deer ride, but it was very dear.
The diffuse music helped to defuse a tense situation.
Quickly she dragged him away from the drug addicted losers on the corner.
He was excited about the future as he exited the building.
Jane's new phase didn't faze her parents.
Coordinating his feet on the dancefloor was no easy feat.
He thought that the army had fought its way to the fort.

G, H, I, J

The whole lot of them fell down the hole.
Hugh slept while Huw, wearing a shirt of a yellowish hue, took his axe to hew branches into logs.
She searched the aisles of the library looking for a book on the famous isles of Greece.
It's likely that its contents were stolen.

K, L, M, N

She knew that the new shoes were a bit too small.
The new lesson did nothing to lessen his ignorance.
She knew that the new shoes were a bit too small.

O. P, Q

Get off of the table.
He often passed the house in the past, but barely remembers it.
Pear in hand, he had to peer closely at the pier to see his peers from school.
He was hit by a piece of shrapnel just before peace was anounced.
Jane's new phase didn't faze her parents.
The president of the company set a new precedent today.
In principle, the principal authors should get the most credit.

R, S

He read that red hats were in fashion now.
What right do you have to write criticisms of our religious rites ?
A simple roll of the dice decided his future role.
After the sort of day she had had, she sought an early night.
He did not seem to notice the poorly stitched seam.
He should have shoed the horse before he shooed it out of the stable.
The new building site was blocking sight of the nearby woods.
The specification folder should have been closed while decorating. Now the specs have paint specks on them.
He couldn't help staring at the starring actress.
He decided to steal the steel one rather than the bronze.

T, U

Tales of a dog with two tails.
He was taught to keep the ropes taut.
Tear that up. The tare weights are all wrong. Crying won't help. No tears now !
She took a course, then she could run faster than him.
They put their shopping over there.
I'm annoyed, they're always leaving their stuff on there.
He thought that the army had fought its way to the fort.
He went through the doorway and threw the cat out.
It's too late to go to work.

V, W

In vain he looked for a weather vane, but in the vein of a vain girl, she wanted instant results.
I need to warn you that your worn tyres are dangerous.
After the long day, Weariness overcame his normal wariness in that part of town.
Where would you wear a hard yellow hat ?
Do you remember where you were yesterday ?
Tell me whether you like this weather better.
Which witch is the prettiest ?
Don't give me that withering look, whither you go, I will follow.
The whole lot of them fell down the hole.
Whose responsibility is it to know who's attending ?
What right do you have to write criticisms of our religious rites ?

X, Y, Z

While you're here, please tidy your room.

Some, going by their names, are probably not native English speakers, so kudos to them, but problems are too rife for that to explain all of it.
Some may be due to people confusing proof reading with running a spell-checker with auto-correct enabled !



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