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Private Telegraph Companies

LDTC Later 3d 1481.   LDTC Later 6d 3850.

The Private Telegraph Companies could be very busy at times.
The successful London District Telegraph Company (LDTC) was probably busier than most.

Unlike postage stamps and the GPO Telegraphs, the inner workings of the Private Telegraph Companies are generally undocumented and the only
evidence of the use of precancels would be cancelled examples still having their gum. The LDTC stands out a mile in this respect.
Presumably on their last close of business their remaining stocks were liberated onto the market, many already pre-cancelled.
What we have now is a lot of LDTC stamps that are cancelled, but still with gum.


LDTC Later 6d rejoined strip 4501-4504.

This is a reconstructed strip, held together at the back. They still have full gum despite being cancelled.


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