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Telegraph stamps of the World

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U.S.A. ADT with Arrow Logo

These are of various types, but always reference Western Union.

All of these examples are courtesy of Charles Bosak.

ADT Arrow-Logo 1899
A red seal on an envelope dated 1899.

ADT Arrow-Logo 1907
A telegram (Form 9.) dated 12 January 1907.

ADT Arrow-Logo 1910
An itemised bill (Form 17) for the TriState dated 31 July 1910.
ADT Arrow-Logo 1902
A bill and receipt dated 8 February 1902. This has a reference number at top-left that is very similar to those seen on Parcel Delivery labels.

ADT Arrow-Logo 1908
An itemised bill (Form 17) for the Portland,ME dated 3 March 1908.

ADT Arrow-Logo 1900s
From a postcard of the warly 1900's with a sign showing Western Union and ADT working together.


The bicycles shown on the banner at the top of this ADT page shows again this symbol in conjunction with Western Union.
Note that these people seem to think that R. C. Clowry was their first President. I doubt it, but they give no date
and do not communicate by email.

Not all ADT things with Western Union connections had this symbol on though.
ADT Form 10, 1900's
This Form 10 of the 1900's does not. though it clearly shows cooperation between the companies.
Image courtesy of Charles Bosak.

And this:
ADT Form 11, 1905
This Form 11 of 1905 does not. I have seen a similar Form 11 printed on a white envelope used in Springfield, Mass. in 1906 with a 2c stamp.
Image courtesy of Charles Bosak.


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