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Telegraph stamps of the World

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Western Australia.

Steve Hiscocks wrote:
The first telegraph line in Western Australia was built privately between Perth and Freemantle and began operation on 21 June 1869. Other lines
were under construction when the State Government took over the organisation on 1 April 1871, and combined it with the Post Office. The system
grew and by 1877 was linked with other States and hence to the rest of the world.
Telegraph stamps were ordered through the Crown Agents in 1878 and apparently went on sale on 9 April 1879. Both values were in sheets of 60
and the first printing (120,000 of the 1d and 25,200 of the 6d) were perforated 14 on Crown/CC watermarked paper. A second printing of the 1d was
made in February 1879 and perforated 12½ on the same paper.
These stamps apparently never saw much telegraphic use because their use was not compulsory and the public could not be persuaded to use them.
By 1886 they had been forgotten to such an extent that the Superintendent of Telegraphs did not apparently know of their existence and proposed
the introduction of telegraph stamps! They seem to have seen desultory use for about two years.
Later in 1886 (25 October) the 1d value was officially authorised for postal use because of a shortage of 1d postage stamps and most copies found
now were so used. The 6d value is also found postally used but this was apparently never authorised.
In my experience these stamps are not nearly as common as postage stamp catalogue prices would suggest.


1879 (9 April) White wove paper. Watermark Crown/CC. Perf. 14 or 12½.
I was surprised to see that these appear to be line-perforated.

1d perf. 14 1d perf. 14 6d perf. 14
H1 perf. 14 1d courtesy of Mark Gibson. 6d courtesy of Mark Gibson.


1d both perfs.
Both perforations on the 1d, 12½ and 14 - courtesy of Mark Gibson.


Hisc. Type. Description Mint Used
H1 1 1d bistre Perf. 14 (120,000) 40.00 7.00
H2 1 1d bistre Perf. 12½ (230,040)   35.00 5.50
H2a 1         imperf. 100.00 -
H3 1 6d lilac Perf. 14 (25,200) 60.00 12.00


The penny stamps were authorized for postal use from 25 October 1886, so that many, if not most, have postal cancels.
The 6d was not so authorized, but some were postally used anyway.

1d pair postally used.
Postal cancels were generally duplex, commonly with a barred circle containing 'G.P.O.' (in Perth)  -  from RL

1d stamp postally used.  6d stamp postally used.  1d stamp postally used in Fremantle.
Alternatively numbers were used, or letters, like this 'F.' in Fremantle.  -  images from RL.
Information on the cancels can be found at the   Western Australia Study Group.


The rest of the story.

Hiscocks' book was aimed at stamps that were intended specifically for telegraphic purposes.
If, like me, you have a wider interest, then have a look at Dave Elsmore's web-page at OzRevenues.com
That gives a more in-depth look at stamps used for telegraphic purposes throughout Australia.


Here is a range of stamps used for telegraphic purposes. Ex Andrew Higson, courtesy of Spink & Son.

1d Internal Revenue.  Telegraph Station.  Telegraph Office.

2d Broome.  3d Perth.  9d Perth.  1s Perth.



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