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Telegraph stamps of the World

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Steve Hiscocks wrote:
Hexagonal telegraph stamps of the same design but of various values were issued from 1877 to 1903 and used up to 1920 — a period of 43 years. They
were used both internally and sold to the public. On use the most common cancellation was a neat round hole of 5mm diameter together with a cross
in blue crayon. Other pencil cancellations are known. Also known are square holes, which are scarce, and Post Office hand stamps which are very scarce.


1877 - 1903 White wove paper. No watermark, perf. 13½
Values overprinted in black (cents) or red (guilders).

Most of set used, courtesy of Henri Bertrand (Riqueton on delcampe).


Dutch-25c Dutch-H11 specimen Dutch-H12 specimen
25c, H7 1g, H11 Specimen 2g, H12 Specimen
Image courtesy of Grosvenor Auctions. Images courtesy of Robert (stamprobert on eBay, click image for listing).


Hisc. Description Mint Used
H1 1c dull mauve and black (1.11.79) 16.00 5.00
H1a         imperf. (proof) 100.00 -
*H1b         value inverted (only one known) - -
H2 3c dull mauve and black (1.11.79) 16.00 5.00
H3 5c dull mauve and black (1.11.79) 16.00 1.50
H4 12½c dull mauve and black (1877) 80.00 15.00
H5 15c dull mauve and black (1877) 40.00 8.00
H6 20c dull mauve and black (1877) 40.00 2.50
H7 25c dull mauve and black (1903) 400.00 150.00
H8 30c dull mauve and black (1877) 70.00 4.00
H9 50c dull mauve and black (1877) 80.00 4.00
H10 60c dull mauve and black (1877) 80.00 7.00
H11 1g dull mauve and red (1877) 300.00 7.00
H12 2g dull mauve and red (1877) 320.00 40.00

Punch-hole 1 Punch-hole 2
Two unusual punch holes courtesy of K. Zwart.
piece with 2 x 20c
Telegraph piece from Rolf Lamprecht.

Hiscocks added the following 3 notes:

*Note 1. Only one copy of No. 1(b) is known.
Note 2. There are slight shade variations in the series.
Note 3. Colour trials (without value overprints) are known in blue, bistre, lilac, yellow, rose and brown.

* Jan Verster has informed me that this has now been shown to be a forgery and is
no longer listed in the NVPH Catalogue (the Netherlands Speciality Catalogue).
I am told that H1b was sold in 1922 in the Ferrari Auction.


telegraph set
blue colour trial A set of mostly used, with the 25c unpunched and including a certificate.
David Gottesman of the Cinderella Stamp Club tells me that they normally
have on offer telegraphic items in their auctions, and that this is an
example from their current offerings (ending 7th October 2023).

Their website is new and still (21 August 2023) under construction, though does have some information.
I for one am glad that they are putting it together as the club is well known and respected.
David says "it is a members only auction, at present £18 per year for UK. It is going up to £25 in 2024 but there will then be an option for getting the magazines online at £15 per year."


Specimens are about GBP£ 70.00 each.

blue colour trial
Blue colour trial courtesy of Paul & Les Bottomley.


Telegraph Seals.

Telegraph seal
Courtesy of Robert Poposki.

Telegraph seal   Telegraph seal   Telegraph seal
That's 2 State Telegraphs and a 'Governmental Post and Telegraph Service'.

Steve Hiscocks made a start on cataloguing seals of the world in a book he published in 2007.
It was his hope to update it later, but unfortunately that was not to be.
His original book can be viewed at Telegraph Seals: A World Catalogue. There are links from the pages to my updates.

Alternatively you can view the latest page for The Netherlands.


Related items:

1921 Telegram from Penang, Malaysia to Medan, Indonesia Via Eastern.
with a 'Governmental Post-Telegraph and Telephone Service' seal.
Telegram - Medan   Telegram - Medan
Images courtesy of sephil.asia on ebay.


South African Republic Seal
Image courtesy of Robert Poposki.



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