General Telegraph 6d

Telegraph stamps of Great Britain.

Until recently, only the Post Office telegraphs were well known.
This is changing but the printed information is still out of date.
I hope to gather further information and present it here.

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If you have any examples that may be relevant to this website, and are prepared to supply scans, then please:

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  3. Please indicate your willingness for me to use the information and/or scans on this website.
  4. Confidentiality will be maintained if you wish, or I can give you credit on this website, just indicate your name and/or company and/or website that you want me to use.  
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If you would like to send a message or picture, but
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It is absolutely essential to acknowledge the work done by Peter Langmead and Alan Huggins in creating their book entitled
"The Telegraph Stamps and Stationery of Great Britain 1851-1954". This has proven to be a valuable contribution to the subject!

The GB Overprints Society for making me aware of the two types of 'Army Telegraphs' overprints on the halfpenny green.
Dr. Andrew Higson FRPSL of The Egypt Study Circle for his article British Military Telegraphs in Egypt 1884-1890.
  Oscar Van der Vliet for his article at 'HAVING THE REVENUE ON A LINE', which drew my attention to more uses of the British Army Cancellations.  



Comments, criticisms, information or suggestions are always welcome.


Please include the word 'Telegraphs' in the subject.


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