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Telegraph stamps of Great Britain.

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Totton Postal Cancels.

These all appear to be postal cancellations applied by favour at Totton, Southampton in 1956.
Some still have gum and one was already postally used.

Dates known are 4 August, 7 September and 29 September. There are almost certainly another 5 or 6, perhaps more, somewhere in the world.


The Electric Telegraph Company.

Electric Telegraph Totton
Unusually, this also has an early Bristol cancel.
Ex Alain Stevenson. Image courtesy of Grosvenor Auctions.


The English & Irish Magnetic Telegraph Company.

English & Irish Magnetic Telegraph Company used 2s6d. English & Irish Magnetic Telegraph Company used 4s. English & Irish Magnetic Telegraph Company used 5s.
2/6d in a rather pale shade of blue   -   4 AU 56 4/-   -   29 SP 56 5/-   -   4 AU 56
Image courtesy of Mark Talbot. I do not know where these are now, I would like to hear from the owner/s.

These appear to be used at Totton, Southampton in '56. They have no control numbers.
I do not know if these three still have gum.

One 4s stamp, with control number 40889 (no letter!) is known apparently pen cancelled.


Bonelli's Electric Telegraph Company Limited.

3d used at Totton 9d used at Totton 1s used at Totton
3d green 2340   -   7 SP 56 9d 1770   -   7 SP 56 1/- 3307   -   4 AU 56
One of mine Courtesy of One of mine

The 3d and 9d still have full gum, so was presumably cancelled by favour.

A couple of 3d brown booklet stamps are known with apparent pen cancels.
A 6d Bonelli stamp with an 1894 London Hooded Circle postal cancel is also known.


The London District Telegraph Company (Limited).

LDTC Early 6d A3544. LDTC Later 6d 37882.
Early 6d A3544   -   7 SP 56 6d Used 37882   -   7 SP 56

The 6d on the right was already pen-cancelled (or pre-cancelled), but still got the treatment.

There is also a 3d LDTC stamp (10559) known with a London WC. S.M.P. (St. Martins Place) cancel 21 MY '86.



The Universal Private Telegraph Company.

UPT shilling stamps.

Hard to see, but these are also Totton 1956 cancels, courtesy of Steve Lawrie.


4d and 1s National Telephone Company Ltd. stamps are also known with postal cancels.


I would like to hear from anyone else having any of these.


Comments, criticisms, information or suggestions are always welcome.


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